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This mod adds some miniature pillagers, which farm theme based items for you while relaxing in your hotbar. Furthermore we have seen appearing a teleport pillager!? But why is he sleeping.. weird. Furthermore you can craft the priest pillager which will heal you if you need some healing for your wounds. An ore pillager will try to help you, finding overworld ores like coal, gold or something else :D There is more in this to explore, just find it out.


Different Pillagers will help you with different tasks. Some Pillagers will farm stuff for you

Pillager Example
Pillager Farming Stuff Needs
Earth Pillager Gun Powder, Clay, Leather, Slime Ball, Bone Meal, Emerald Iron Nugget
End Pillager Chorus Fruit, Ender Pearl, Dragon Breath, Phantom Membrane, Shulker Shell Gold Nugget
Food Pillager Potato, Apple, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Melon Slice, Wheat, Cookie Gold Nugget
Marine Pillager Nautilus Shell, Prismarine Shard, Prismarine Crystals, Glass Bottle, Salmon, Tropical Fish, Pufferfish, Cod Iron Nugget
Nether Pillager Nether Brick, Glowstone Dust, Blaze Powder, Ghast Tear, Quartz, Nether Wart Gold Nugget

Farming Pillagers

Farm Pillagers

Ore Pillager, Priest Pillager, Teleport Pillager

Task Pillagers

Totems are crafted with different materials. I highly recommend to install Roughly Enough Items for all recipes! Tier two and three are always the same recipe pattern

Totem Materials

How the Ore Pillager will help you finding ores

Ore Pillager find Ore

How the Teleport and Priest Pillager do their job

Teleport Pillager teleports Priest Pillager heals

Inventory FriendZ is configurable. Just load the mod and it will generate a config file. You will find the file in the config folder. Just edit it with a code editor (Example: Standard Windows Editor). If you have Mod Menu installed, you can just edit the settings while playing minecraft.

Configuration Step 1 Configuration Step 2

Open the ModMenu "Mods" tab and click on the gear wheel in the right top corner. It will open the config screen just as shown here. You can turn all items on and off if you just donĀ“t like them or you think they are useless/overpowered

Description Items Recipes Configuration